Heaven luck refers to destiny and is determined by the circumstances of one's birth. Using your birth chart and with making the right decisions and actions, you can also change your destiny.

Destiny Analysis (命理分析)

Earth luck is about Feng Shui - a holistic guideline to living harmoniously with your environment and landscape. By harnessing positive energy, you can gradually improve your life.

Feng Shui (风水)

Man luck refers to our attitude, thoughts and positive actions. You can further enhance your results by knowing when is the best time to do it and predicting the possible outcomes.

Date Selection (择日)
Divination (占卜)


About Us

Art of Metaphysics (AOM) was formed to create awareness and a holistic understanding of Chinese metaphysics that utilizes the law of Heaven and Earth as a lifelong philosophy of self-empowerment in improving one's life and people around them.

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