In our previous article 2020 General Outlook, we talk about the energy flow and characteristic of 2020. Read about it if you are interested to know how the strength of the elements are determined. 

Here's the 2020 chart for quick reference.

4th Feb 2020 17:03

Career Industries according to element:

Wood - Education, Cultural & Art, Distribution, Healthcare, Office Supplies, Publication, Furniture, Textile, R&D, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Florist, Journalist, Consultant, Trainer/Instructor, Inventor, Carpentry, Interior Design... Things that deal with wood/paper, growth and caring.

Fire - Electrical/Electronic, Sales & Marketing, IT, Oil & Gas, Food/Restaurant, Aviation, Beauty/Cosmetics, Fashion, Multimedia/News, Telecommunication, Stock Market, Public Relationship, Liquor, Photography, Lighting, Artist, Designer, Motivational Speaker, Optician... Things that deal with fire, light, heat, showing off to others, disseminating information.

Earth - Real Estate, Construction, Civil Engineering, Human Resource, Mining, Chemical, Demolition, Building Materials, Architecture, Insurance, Warehouse, Nursing Home, Front-line Service, Antiques, Renovation, Pottery, Recycling, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Metaphysics, Religion, Health Wellness... Things that deal with earth, land, sense of trust, people matters, health recuperate.

Metal - Finances, Accounting, Banking, Management, Stock Trading, Law Enforcement, Police, Military, Security, Debt Collector, Metal works, Machinery, Robotics, Automobile, Jeweler, Locksmith, Engineering, Dentist, Lawyer, Judge, Blacksmith... Things that deal with metal, gold, money, cutting or molding, maintaining order

Water - Shipping, Transportation, Courier, Logistics, Import & Export, Trading, Beverage, Marine, Tourism, Hospitality, Event Coordinating, Retail, Cleaning Services, Laundry, Aquarium, Navy, Aquaculture, Spa, Consultancy, Strategic Planning, Analytical... Things that deal with water, always on the move, flexible nature, using analysis or logical reasoning.

In today modernization environment, most industries/career will see overlapping elements. For example, you could be working in the IT department of a company doing tourism. So Fire and Water will affect you.

Career Outlook of 2020:

The strength of Wood in 2020 chart is not consider to be very strong as it is surrounded by elements that either exhaust or attack it. Although there is some support from Water, Water itself is very weak. However when comparing Wood against the other elements, Wood is ranked strong among them. Wood element industries looks to perform better in the first four months of 2020. Things might start to slow down in April and May and start to pick up again from June to October.

The strength of Fire in 2020 chart has the same predicament as Wood. It is mainly surrounded by Earth which exhaust it. There is support from Wood however with only one sole fire supporting so much Earth, Fire is exhausted. But comparing Fire against other elements, Fire is still ranked fairly strong among them. Fire element industries performance in the first four months of 2020 is average.  Things might pick up a little between May to July after which it might slow back down. Keep a watch out between October to December as things could become unstable.

The strength of Earth in 2020 chart is not strong. Although it is only supported by one sole fire, there are significant amount of Earth around to support each other. Thus comparing Earth against other elements, we ranked it to be average. Earth element industries looks to be stable in the first half of the year up to July. Things might start to slow in August and September. We could see some recovery towards the end of the year.

The strength of Metal in 2020 chart is consider to be weak as it is surrounded by a stronger Wood and exhaust by Water. Although there seems to be ample Earth around, the weaker Metal may not be able to 'receive' Earth support but instead becomes buried by Earth. There is another Metal that can give support, however it is quite a distance away and is itself surrounded by Earth hence rendering it not so helpful. Therefore among all the elements, Metal is ranked weak. Being weak and buried by Earth in 2020, Metal industries will experiences obstacles, stagnation and will find it difficult to shine. The industries might see some recovery in April, May, August and September. We should also see Metal industries performing better towards the end of 2020. 2021 will be a better year for this industries.

The strength of in Water 2020 chart is consider to be weak as it is surrounded by a stronger Wood and Earth. Although Metal is nearby to support, Metal itself is also struggling. Water can get contaminated by the Earth making it less fluid and murky. Comparing Water with other elements, we ranked it to be very weak. Water industries will experiences obstacles, stagnation and since it is murky, there is no clear direction of where things will go. This industries will stay flat thru out most of 2020 with some recovery in the last quarter of 2020. 2021 will see better results for this industries.

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