In Part 1 of our 2020 Outlook analysis, we talk about the energy flow and characteristic of 2020. Click on 2020 General Outlook to read more.
In Part 2 of our 2020 Outlook analysis, we share on the performance the various career industries. Click on 2020 Career Outlook to read more.  

In this part of our 2020 Outlook analysis, we will review the health issues of 2020.

Here's the 2020 chart for quick reference.

4th Feb 2020 17:03

Our Body according to element:

Wood - Eyes, Liver, Gallbladder, Tendon

Fire - Heart, Tongue, Small Intestine, Blood Vessel

Earth - Spleen, Mouth, Stomach, Muscle

Metal - Lung, Nose, Throat, Large Intestine, Skin & Hair

Water - Kidney, Ear, Urinary Bladder, Reproductive System, Bone, Blood flow


Health Outlook of 2020:

Unlike career, the approach to analyzing health issues mainly revolves around elements that are too strong or too weak. There is the need to look at the interaction between the elements. If a element is too strong, it will attack other element if the mediating element is not present or too weak to perform such role. For example: Water attack Fire if Wood is not present or too weak to buffer Water against Fire. This is the Cycle of Destruction. 
(I will not be explaining about the Cycle of Birth or the Cycle of Destruction as there are already many online references on them.)

In 2020 chart, we have identify the weak elements to be Metal and Water. Being weak not necessarily means issues, imbalance is the reason problems occur. 

The strength of Metal in 2020 chart is consider to be weak as it is surrounded by a stronger Wood and exhaust by Water. Although ample Earths are around to support, the Metal is too weak to receive the support thus resulting in Metal being buried. Water is not only a product of Metal, it is also a cleansing element that can help to soften and wash away the excess Earth. In 2020 chart, Water is not only too weak to provide such assistance, it also got itself trapped inside Earth. The result is a Metal that is dirty and trapped. We will likely see more cases of Dehydration, Colorectal cancer, Skin/Hair/Nails issues, Lung cancer, Lung infection, Tight chest (difficulty in breathing), Throat inflammation, Nose cancer, Blocked/Stuffy nose. 

The strength of Water in 2020 chart is also consider to be weak as not only is it drained by the stronger Wood, it also got itself trapped with Earth. As the Water is not strong to wash itself clean, what we will get is stagnation. The result is Water that is contaminated and muddy. We will likely see more cases of Ear infections, Urinary infections, Kidney failure, Diabetics, Irregular menstruation, Pregnancy issues, Sexually transmissible infections, Prostate cancer, Lower Immunity, Giddiness, Brittle bones.

The strength of Earth in 2020 is average. We might not see more issues related to Earth but because of the contaminated Water trapped with Earth, we will also likely see some cases of Diarrhea, Upset stomach, Food poisoning, Vomiting, Muscle inflammation, Muscle pain.



At the point of writing this article, the Coronavirus has already shown its power. It is a display of virus (water droplets) infecting the lungs (contaminated lungs caused by muddy water). From metaphysics point of view, there is a need for metal to be strengthen and the muddy water to be dried up  before the virus can be eliminated and the lungs to be on recovery. Looking into the micro view of 2020, this recovery will likely happen in the month of April and May. What we can do now is to keep ourselves safe by making sure we clean our hands more regular, avoid places where it is crowded and wear a mask if you are feeling unwell. Remember to hydrate more and stay healthy.


Disclaimer: Use this information at your own discretion. Seek early medical help should you feel unwell.