Date Selection (择日) is an integral part of Chinese Metaphysics. In the study of Chinese Metaphysics, energy 'Qi' fluctuates with time and is constantly changing around us.

The objective of Date Selection is to identify a suitable date/time where the 'Qi' best supports the activity to be undertaken. More importantly, Date Selection ensures that the selected date/time resonates with your birth chart.

When you are in harmony with the 'Qi', you will be able to maximize the potential for success. Therefore the saying 'doing the right thing at the right time'.

Some activities that involve Date Selection (but not limited to):
1. Marriage
2. Start of renovation
3. Moving In to new house
4. Business opening
5. Contract signing
6. Project/Work start
7. Traveling
8. Medical operation

Date Selection can be used for any activities/events that you want to have a positive and smooth outcome.

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